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  • Match Report: 04 - Santos FC VS Nova Nacional

    Date published: 17 April 2019 by Sheneez Harisunker

    Match Report: 04 - Santos FC VS Nova Nacional

    The much anticipated matchup between Santos FC and Nova Nacional was the second game on the A field. With Nova Nacional winning the toss and choosing the direction of play, Santos FC got the game underway. Santos FC won the first corner of the game but couldn’t take advantage of the situation.

    The atmosphere around the game was amazing as both teams seem to be crowd favourites. The possession was fairly even and it looked like the game could go in anyone’s favour. The first shot on target saw Santos FC being harshly denied by the Nova Nacional keeper. Angelo Barrote of Nova Nacional kept the Santos FC players on their toes. Both teams head into half-time with the game still goalless.

    The second half saw both teams coming out with high work rate and intensity to try to come out on top. With what was considered to be a nail biting game and each team having equal opportunities at goal both teams are left disappointed with the game ending in a 0-0 draw.