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    Date published: 21 February 2018 by Patrick J Williams


    It is with deep regret and after extensive consideration that we have to inform you of our decision to cancel the 2018 edition of the Bayhill Premier Cup.

    As we are all aware of the continuous drought in Cape Town, the water crisis has caused that the conditions of the football fields have become unplayable. 

    The Bayhill Premier Cup (BPC) organizers have been in constant dialogue with the City of Cape Town to find a solution for the dire condition of Erica Park Sports complex which is the venue for the BPC due to having been played from 28 March - 02 April 2018.

    We are grateful towards The City of Cape Town’s facility management, with the facility management of Erica Park Sports complex for the efforts which they have put in to get the fields back to playing condition. The City of Cape Town has been monitoring the progress very closely. We have been informed by the City of Cape Town that it looks unlikely that the venue would be ready in time. With the water restrictions at level 6(b), it slows the pace of recovery even further. We were however hopeful that things would improve.

    The City of Cape Town has offered to assist the organizing committee to look for an alternative venue. It is extremely difficult to find a venue which will be conducive and close to suitable for hosting the BPC such as the Erica Park Complex.

    The BPC organizers have looked at different options to save the situation. This included minimizing the participating teams, changing the competition format to play fewer matches and other variables which were subsequently deemed unfavourable. 

    The main concern of the City of Cape Town and the organizers are the safety of the players, which include the following factors:

    • Injuries due to the condition of the surface.
    • Dehydration due to water restriction.
    • Lack of adequate and proper sanitation facilities.
    • Hygiene factors.

    The BPC committee also realizes the seriousness and importance to save water, and have decided to make a sacrifice which will be our part to mitigate the water challenge in the City of Cape Town.

    Although we have exhausted all efforts and avenues to ensure that the 2018 BPC takes place, we were not successful in identifying a suitable venue for the tournament to take place this year.

    We have consulted with our partners and sponsors about the situation. We take cognisance of the fact that we are obliged to protect the brand of our sponsors and the image of the BPC.

    We therefore have no alternative but to cancel the 2018 Bayhill Premier Cup.

    We are extremely sad that there was no other suitable solution. We are however hopeful that the situation will improve for the 2019 tournament to take place.

    We want to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, partners, and associates who were willing to assist to host the BPC 2018.

    We also thank our local participants who went through the qualification stages and all the visiting teams who were prepared to come to the Mother City to celebrate the 30th anniversary with us. 

    Special thanks to all our loyal spectators who have always come out in numbers to support the BPC, we appreciate your understanding and continued loyalty.

    Bayhill Premier Cup will be back.

    Please consider this as an official notification.

    We also wish to distance ourselves from any negative publicity that might derive from the cancellation of the 2018 BPC.

    Yours faithfully

    Patrick J Williams