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  • BPC Organizing Committee change play-off system

    Date published: 17 January 2018 by Rylurx IT

    BPC Organizing Committee change play-off system

    With the drought causing major problems to field conditions the BPC organizing committee were required to relook at how the play-off system will be going forward for the remainder of the play-offs

    This is the official correspondence to participating clubs for the remainder of the play-offs.


    Please be advised that due to the continuous drought, and adverse conditions of playing fields, we have been advised to minimize the traffic on the playing fields.

    After long consideration the BPC organizing committee have resolved to change the “home and away” system to a one match play-off system.

    Should the match end in a draw, a penalty shoot-out will take place as per the FIFA rule; five (5) penalties per team.

    The team winning the match will proceed to the next stage of the play-offs.

    The new mode of play thus replaces the home and away clause in our current play-offs rules.

    The new system will take effect from the next set of play-offs which will take place on 20 January until the end of the 2018 BPC play-offs.
    Please note that previous matches and results are not affected by this decision.

    Yours in sports

    Bayhill Premier Cup
    Organizing Committee