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Referee Index 2019

Year in year out these people undertake the sometimes thankless task of overseeing all fixtures at the Metropolitan Premier Cup. We feel it is only right to give them there positive spot in the limelight. Soon we will be adding their individual photographs and refereeing cv's to the listing.

Profile PicFirst NameSurnameDistrict
No PhotoAAlexanderCDFA
No PhotoCKistoorCDFA
No PhotoSMabaraCDFA
No PhotoSMohonoCDFA
No PhotoASkinnerCDFA
No PhotoSTyuthwanaCDFA
No PhotoSMvubuEden
No PhotoSShishanaEden
No PhotoSKalazanaGoodhope
No PhotoNThimbaGoodhope
No PhotoLMkizwanaGugulethu
No PhotoSHewuLingelethu
No PhotoANdzingoLingelethu
No PhotoSTsotsoLingelethu
No PhotoAMeyersMetropolitan
No PhotoFAdamsMitchells Plain
No PhotoMAmsterdamMitchells Plain
No PhotoUDanielsMitchells Plain
No PhotoSDe BruinMitchells Plain
No PhotoGDe BruinMitchells Plain
No PhotoCKennyMitchells Plain
No PhotoAGSmithMitchells Plain
No PhotoDStemmetMitchells Plain
No PhotoSSekwadiNew Cross Roads
No PhotoKDorfNortherns
No PhotoMMabutoNortherns
No PhotoRWilliamsNortherns
No PhotoLNondalaNyanga
No PhotoLPupumaNyanga
No PhotoSSisilanaNyanga
No PhotoMSitshekeOosternberg
No PhotoSAdamsRygate
No PhotoLBandaRygate
No PhotoEDe SaniRygate
No PhotoLGayaRygate
No PhotoLGayaRygate
No PhotoCHendericksRygate
No PhotoBHollanderRygate
No PhotoNJuliesRygate
No PhotoSSinyililiRygate
No PhotoATomRygate
No PhotoCAdamsSouth Peninsula
No PhotoLHendricksSouth Peninsula



  • A. Parker
  • A. Ebrahim
  • K. De Goede
  • K. Verhoog
  • P. Adams
  • F. De Frietas
  • S. Lombard
  • Shishana
  • L. Matthee
  • W. Jones
  • N. Abrahams
  • N. Swartz

Match Calendar

Group Stages17 - 20 April 2019
Knock-outs Stages20 & 21 April 2019
Finals22 April 2019