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Local Organising Committee

This committee is responsible for the planning of the Premier Cup. They spend hours planning the event. After each tournament they finishing of and complete one month after the event, then take one month recess. There after, they start again with the following tournament.

    Linda Bruyns

    Linda Bruyns

    1. She is in charge of the hospitality for visiting teams. Her role is:
      1. Plan menus for each day of the tournament.
      2. Do the purchasing of the necessary rations.
      3. Take charge of the kitchen staff.
      4. Ensure that the visiting teams are provided lunch.
      5. Ensure that the action committees are provided for.
      6. Is in charge of the serving personnel.
      7. Is in charge of the hygiene personnel.
    2. Personal background:
      1. Has been with the tournament from the start.
      2. She is also a founder member of the club.
      3. Linda was the first secretary of Bayhill United.
      4. Linda and Michael are also foster parents and have raised 3 foster children.
      5. Linda's hospitality is the foundation of the tournament and has many visitors wanting to be back to the tournament.

Contact Information

Tournament Secretary: MG Abrahams
Cellphone: +27 83 243 7021
Fax: +27 21 633 1220

Tournament Director: Patrick J. Williams
Telephone: +27 21 787 5012 (office)
Cellphone: +27 82 335 7392
Fax: +27 86 601 7169