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Local Organising Committee

This committee is responsible for the planning of the Premier Cup. They spend hours planning the event. After each tournament they finishing of and complete one month after the event, then take one month recess. There after, they start again with the following tournament.

    Patrick Stephens

    Patrick Stephens

    1. He is the stock controller at the tournament. His role is.
      1. To receive all tournament items.
      2. To register all item in a stock receive book.
      3. To do issues to various departments.
      4. Submit a report at the end of the event.
    2. Personal background:
      1. Pat Stephens is an executive member of Bayhill.
      2. He has been with the club for longer than ten years.
      3. Serves as the registration officer at the club.
      4. He served on the executive of LFA as the convenor but resigned because of other commitments.
      5. He is a Liverpool supporter.

Contact Information

Tournament Secretary: MG Abrahams
Cellphone: +27 83 243 7021
Fax: +27 21 633 1220

Tournament Director: Patrick J. Williams
Telephone: +27 21 787 5012 (office)
Cellphone: +27 82 335 7392
Fax: +27 86 601 7169