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  • Ricardo Mannetti, elated to win the cup in his second home: Cape Town

    Date Published: 10 May 2011 written by Christine van Deventer

    Ricardo Mannetti, elated to win the cup in his second home: Cape Town

    Ricardo Mannetti, Coach of the National under-19 Namibian squad for the past two years, was pleased with his team's performance and with their victory. He said that it's been a tremendous boost for his players to finally win a tournament since they have been training for three years.

    The same team took part in the COSAFA 2010 Tournament, and were finalists with the team from Zambia, but unfortunately couldn't take the cup home. They had a tough final and were beaten 4-0 by the Zambian team.

    As part of their preparation, the team spent some time in West Germany at a training camp where they also took part in a tournament.

    But this team from Namibia displayed immense robustness throughout the tournament, playing a hard forward-moving kind of football. Their objective was clear from the outset of the tournament: to win, and they approached each game in this style.

    Mannetti, who played for Cape Town based Santos for eight years, was really happy to be back in the Mother City taking part in a prestigious tournament with his pride - his team of youngsters. To win something in his new capacity as coach in the city that he calls his second home, has been a great honour to him.

    Speaking about the tournament, Mannetti said that he was really excited to see how the quality of the tournament has improved. Regarding the future of the tournament, he believes that the tournament and subsequently the players can only go from strength to strength if more international teams are brought on board, especially from Europe.