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  • Coach Boebie Solomons to Release First Coaching Manual by a South African

    Date Published: 06 May 2011 written by Christine van Deventer

    Coach Boebie Solomons to Release First Coaching Manual by a South African

    Boebie Solomons is currently the Head Coach at Santos. And he has recently completed compiling a Coaching Manual - the first compiled by a South African. It is a general Coaching Manual written with the objective to develop both coaches and players.

    To take his own Coaching abilities to the next level, Coach Solomons completed a Coach Educators Course in Holland in 1996 at the Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbal Bond (KNVB), and completed an Advanced Coaching Course in Brazil in 1998. This training has provided him with the necessary know-how to train other Coaches.

    And training of Coaches was one of his duties as SAFA Coaching Director of the Western Cape. Coach Solomons held this title for ten years during which he was also involved in the selection of Provincial teams and subsequently assigning Coaches to those teams.

    Recognising the need for a resource like this amongst the Coaches in South Africa, Coach Solomons’ objective is to make the Manual available as cost-effectively as possible. He has approached Exclusive Books and CNA to act as distributors, but both book retailers wanted to raise the cost too high. Now his goal is to find a suitable sponsor to help with distribution, since he has already had it printed at his own cost.

    Coach Solomons has recognised that players are not developed sufficiently as a result of the low level of Coach Training in the country. Therefore he sees it as imperative that Coach Training is boosted, and he has therefore made it his mission to do what he can to facilitate this process.

    As sole originator of this project, Coach Solomons believes that the Manual will fill a big gap in the availability of information to Coaches in South Africa. Unfortunately Coach Solomons has not received any assistance from SAFA in the development of this project.

    Coach Boeobie Solomons is known for his passion for the game and for the development of the players that he gets the chance to work with. He says that his mission is "to see players playing a good quality brand of football at the age of 19 and 20".

    Being a regular at the Metropolitan under-19 Premier Cup, Coach Solomons commends the tournament for the role it plays in the development of players for this age group. He sees it as a major stepping stone for players to progress to National and International ranks, because both players and Coaches put a lot of effort in to prepare for the tournament, starting with training as early as seven to eight months in advance.