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  • How To Prepare For A Tournament

    Date Published: 11 November 2014 written by Adrian Dicks

    How To Prepare For A Tournament

    The best part of playing football is testing your skill against the best teams. It could be in a tournament like the Metropolitan Premier Cup or even the first game of our domestic season.

    Competition is what makes you perform at your best. Preparation is the main key in determining how well your team will fare. Winning is a habit you need to develop and preparing yourself mentally and physically is the most important step.

    Here are some tips to get you into a winning frame of mind.

    Visualize: Visualization is a great tool for any athlete. Before your big game, think about what you want to do. Football is a team sport, so think about your role on the team and what you can do to help your team perform at its best.

    Sleep: try to get between 8 and 9 hours sleep the night before. This will help you rest your body and your mind.

    Diet: Football is an endurance sport and carbohydrates like pasta and grains helps you run for longer without tiring. Avoid fried and fatty foods as well as large meals 4 hours before your game.

    Stretching:  Tight muscles are responsible for most avoidable injuries. Stretch thoroughly after your pre-game warm-ups. Remember, stretching is most effective when your muscles have been warmed up.

    Routine:  Some form of routine helps with discipline and putting you in the zone before each game. It will also help to avoid being affected by outside distractions.

    Good preparation will help you with big games. It will help to convert nervousness into motivation. Every footballer loves playing in big games as there is no better feeling than winning one. So prepare well and good luck.