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Sunday, 12 February 2017back to top

Venue: Bayhill Legacy Grounds, Rocklands

09:00AFish Hoek FC0 - 0Atlantic Nacional FC
09:00BJL Zwane2 - 0Hanover Park FC
09:00CD & G Orient1 - 1Milano United
09:00DMPCE Academy0 - 0Santos
10:00ATwo Oceans Academy0 - 2Avendale Athletico FC
10:00BGreenwood Athletic FC3 - 1Belhar Spurs FC
10:00CJMI Academy0 - 0Ikapa Sporting FC
10:00DStephanian Ottery AFC0 - 0Valhalla United
11:00AGrassy Park FC0 - 1Old Mutual Football Academy
11:00BFC Barcelona1 - 0FC Manenberg
11:00CBayview FC1 - 1PPG Langa
12:00AMaties FC1 - 2Salt River Blackpool
12:00BSouthampton1 - 1Everton
12:00CVasco Da Gama0 - 2Glendene United
13:00AMilano United1 - 0Santos
13:00BFish Hoek FC1 - 0JL Zwane
13:00CD & G Orient0 - 0MPCE Academy
13:00DAtlantic Nacional FC3 - 0Hanover Park FC
14:00AAvendale Athletico FC2 - 0Belhar Spurs FC
14:00BTwo Oceans Academy1 - 1Greenwood Athletic FC
14:00CIkapa Sporting FC0 - 1Valhalla United
14:00DJMI Academy0 - 0Stephanian Ottery AFC
15:00AOld Mutual Football Academy4 - 0FC Manenberg
15:00BGrassy Park FC1 - 0FC Barcelona
15:00CPPG Langa2 - 0Southampton
16:00ABayview FC1 - 2Everton
16:00BGlendene United2 - 1Salt River Blackpool
16:00CVasco Da Gama0 - 0Maties FC

Saturday, 11 February 2017back to top

Venue: Bayhill Legacy Grounds, Rocklands

09:00AAvendale Athletico FC1 - 0Greenwood Athletic FC
09:00BBelhar Spurs FC0 - 1Two Oceans Academy
09:00CMilano United1 - 0MPCE Academy
09:00DSantos1 - 1D & G Orient
10:00AAtlantic Nacional FC0 - 0JL Zwane
10:00BHanover Park FC0 - 1Fish Hoek FC
10:00CIkapa Sporting FC0 - 1Stephanian Ottery AFC
10:00DValhalla United1 - 2JMI Academy
11:00AOld Mutual Football Academy1 - 0FC Barcelona
11:00BFC Manenberg0 - 3Grassy Park FC
11:00CPPG Langa1 - 0Everton
12:00AGlendene United0 - 0Maties FC
12:00BSalt River Blackpool0 - 3Vasco Da Gama
12:00CBayview FC2 - 0Southampton

Saturday, 4 February 2017back to top

Venue: The Greens Sports Field, Manenberg

09:00AD & G Orient0 - 0Bellstar United
09:00BYSD Macassar1 - 1Two Oceans Academy
09:00CSporting United0 - 0Hanover Park FC
09:00DInvincible Cravenby0 - 0Grassy Park FC
10:00AAll Stars (Drakenstein)1 - 2Salt River Blackpool
10:00BBoland Ajax0 - 0Belhar Spurs FC
10:00CFC Manenberg1 - 1Great Commission
10:00DValhalla United3 - 1Stanturf FC
11:00ASunningdale FC0 - 1JMI Academy
11:00CIsland Rovers0 - 0Vasco Da Gama
12:00ASaxon Rovers FC0 - 1Bayview FC
12:00BHoutbay Football Com0 - 0Santos
12:00CFN Rangers FC1 - 1Everton
13:00AGrassy Park FC1 - 0Invincible Cravenby
13:00BFish Hoek FC1 - 0Junction Rovers
13:00BHanover Park FC0(5) - 0(4)Sporting United
13:00CBellstar United0(2) - 0(3)D & G Orient
13:00DTwo Oceans Academy3 - 0YSD Macassar
14:00AStanturf FC0 - 1Valhalla United
14:00BGreat Commission0 - 2FC Manenberg
14:00CBelhar Spurs FC3 - 0Boland Ajax
14:00DSalt River Blackpool2 - 1All Stars (Drakenstein)
15:00AJunction Rovers0 - 1Fish Hoek FC
15:00BJMI Academy4 - 4Sunningdale FC
15:00CVasco Da Gama1 - 0Island Rovers
16:00AEverton3 - 1FN Rangers FC
16:00BBayview FC2 - 2Saxon Rovers FC
16:00CSantos1 - 0Houtbay Football Com

Sunday, 29 January 2017back to top

Venue: The Greens Sports Field, Manenberg

10:00AD & G Orient2 - 2All Stars Football Dev
10:00BSporting United0 - 1Beacon Spurs
10:00CXI Swallows FC1 - 1Two Oceans Academy
10:00DMorgenster United0 - 4Salt River Blackpool
11:00AKLM Football Factory1 - 0Houtbay Football Com
11:00BHustlaz FC0 (D) - 3YSD Macassar
11:00CBellstar United3 - 1Rock A Fellas
12:00ANorway Parks FC0 - 0Junction Rovers
12:00BStandards FC1 - 1Vasco Da Gama
12:00CFN Rangers FC1 - 0Juventus (M/P)
12:00DFC Tafelzucht0 - 0Hanover Park FC
13:00ATwo Oceans Academy2 - 0XI Swallows FC
13:00BSalt River Blackpool3 - 0Morgenster United
13:00CAll Stars Football Dev0 - 3D & G Orient
13:00DBeacon Spurs0(5) - 1(6)Sporting United
14:00ARock A Fellas0 - 1Bellstar United
14:00BYSD Macassar3 - 0(D)Hustlaz FC
14:00CHoutbay Football Com1(4) - 0(2)KLM Football Factory
15:00AJuventus (M/P)0 - 3FN Rangers FC
15:00BHanover Park FC1 - 3FC Tafelzucht
15:00CVasco Da Gama0 - 0Standards FC
15:00DJunction Rovers2 - 0Norway Parks FC

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