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Twenty one years of continuous success and glory shone through at this year's Metropolitan Premier Cup held at Erica Park, Belhar. The stars comprised of 32 teams all ready for the showdown.

Part of the Metropolitan Premier Cup's success, is its ability to produce new talent year after year. The 2009 Metropolitan Premier Cup would prove to be no different; as a high expectation is now standard. It is no secret that some of the most influential and probably most talented players of our great nation have all run out at the magnificent event in their junior years. The likes of Benni McCarthy, Steven Pienaar, Lance Davids and many more players have all come through the Metropolitan Premier Cups doors.

The question on our minds is; who is the person that decides who becomes the next outstanding new kid on the block at the Metropolitan Premier Cup? What is the criteria etc.

Well the answer is simply; there is no one person! In fact there is a whole panel of adjudicators or assessors that tediously roam the playing fields at the Metropolitan Premier Cup, from day one, from the first kick off to the last kick, looking, searching, and scouting for talent. This panel of gentlemen is a select group from the glory of South African football, who each in their own respect has contributed to the beautiful game in some way or another.

The Metropolitan Premier Cup has called on these stalwarts' to share their experience and expertise, and be unbiased in their selection of: Team of the Tournament, Player of it he Tournament, etc.

Although the panel has changed over the years, its caliber remains consistent.

Here is the list of the panel members. To view what each had to say about the 2009 edition of the tournament simply click on their names to be taken to their comments.

Gordon Witbooi

Mr. Gordon Witbooi started coaching at the age of 29. He coached Liverpool Portlands and they took the Sparletta League as the National Winners. They also played Kaizer Chiefs in 1991. Mr Witbooi was the first referee to the Premier Cup tournament in 1989. He was on the panel of assessors who selected Nasief Morris, Benni McCarthy and Quinton Fortune.

Moreover he comments "Teams should be more prepared for this tournament in the future" referring to teams raising their standards and upping their game. He makes mention of Bay United who was an outstanding example of what he was eluding to.

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